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It generally takes a beginner with zero-knowledge between four to ten classes to become an independent kitesurfer. We offer a complete course of seven classes, guiding you through the initial phases of learning how to control the kite. Besides the practical part in the water this includes theoretical aspects on wind directions, how to use and maintain the equipment and on safety cautions that have to be taken.

First Class

  • Preparation, mounting and dismantling of the learner's kite
  • Security proceedings (leash) and other techniques for emergency cases
  • Piloting the learner's kite
  • Introduction to the island's kite-spots

Second Class

  • Preparation, mounting and dismantling of an inflatable kite
  • Security proceedings (quick release) and other techniques for emergency cases with inflatable kite
  • Piloting the inflatable kite
  • Introduction to the wind window
  • Introduction to power zone and neutral position (zenith)

Third Class

  • Understanding the wind window
  • Launching kite with instructor's help
  • Landing kite with instrutor's help
  • Safely launching and landing the kite
  • Signals and rules for launch and landing

Fourth Class

  • Dragging to the left window
  • Dragging to the right window
  • Dragging straigt (moving the kite through the two windows)
  • Dragging upwind - body dragging (board recovery)

Fith Class

  • Water relaunch in flat waters
  • Water relaunch in deep waters
  • Water-start position
  • Ride to the left (posture, movements and control)
  • Ride to the right (posture, movements and control)

Sixth Class

  • Introduction of how to ride upwind
  • Change directions with wakeboard-style boards (bidirectional)
  • Change directions with directional surf style board (jibe)

Seventh Class

Ride semi-independent.

After this class you will be able to go out on your own. You will know how to behave in the water, sure enough you will still fall down a little. We've all been through this but we always improve and, most important of all, kitesurfing is a great sifestyle and keeps you fit and happy :)


Good winds,

Your team Tribo do Vento


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